When It Rains It Pours… Literally

You know the song that goes something like, “Here comes the sun, duh duh duh duh…?” I don’t know for sure because I don’t live up north but I imagine people sing that song in the spring. Well if you live in Florida during the spring, summer, and just about all year long it’s more like, “Here comes the rain…a-gain a-gain…” We don’t really mind though because it means more movies, popcorn, and hot chocolate!

DSC_0667(5) DSC_0720(3) DSC_0740(2) DSC_0741(2) DSC_0781(2)

It Started Off With A “Home Run”

Which then turned into a chase…DSC_0181

…and then a bat inspection…DSC_0254

…which turned into a dramatic portrait of my sister…DSC_0279

…and a photo concept I’ve been thinking about…DSC_0285

…which then… oh, wait. Wrong picture.DSC_0302

Like I was saying, which then turned into a forest inspection…DSC_0319…which turned into flower portraits…DSC_0329(2)

…and then ended like this…DSC_0337

and, um, this…..DSC_0345An evening in the life.

Birthdays & Beaches

“I distinctly remember, your birthday was last year!”

“That’s the funny thing about birthdays, they’re kind of an annual thing!”

– My mom’s favorite quote from Tangled.

There are SO many birthdays in my family. 8 to be exact. And that’s just my household family. There are somewhere around 80 Wraggs altogether. THAT’S A LOT OF BIRTHDAYS!!!! I have all my siblings birthday dates memorized. It’s my parents that I still don’t have. My dad’s birthday was last Wednesday and I *think* I will remember from here on out. I’m pretty sure I was that every year though. ]

In my family we really CELEBRATE birthdays. Cake, presents, party, streamers over bedroom door, choose all the meals for that day, the whole deal. My dad’s family didn’t really celebrate birthdays like we do. He’s more of the big Christmas, small birthdays kind of person. My mom is the opposite. So we *usually* get equally big celebrations. Anyway, like I said, my dad’s birthday was last week and we were trying to come up with the perfect thing to do since we were taking the day off school and he was taking the day off work. Many good ideas where thrown around ( *cough … Disney … *cough) but we finally landed on learning how to paddle board at a friend’s house and spending the rest of the day at the beach.

The day before his birthday as I was thinking about what we should do for his cake, it hit me. BANANA DREAM CAKE. Dude, if you have not tried this cake, you are missing out. My dad HATES bananas yet he devours this cake. Don’t let the bananas keep you from this perfect cake. Thankfully my grandparents were in town so they were able to pick it up and we had it for lunch that day. We couldn’t even wait till his actual birthday.

The day of his birth (lol) arrived, bright, beautiful, and … hot. Welcome to Florida! We got a late start to our day and the most perfect way to start our day off! We started getting ready at 10 am and were out the door somewhere around 11am. We spent about and hour and a half paddle boarding. Gabe, the youngest, didn’t want to.  He spent his time fishing. The only thing he caught was the rubber shrimp we used as bait. He was pretty satisfied, though.

We had planned to go to this private little secluded beach area. Apparently it was the Shark Tooth Festival and it was 3 days after Easter so that secluded beach was packed. We drove for a bit before finding a parking space and unloaded. So the dog beach down the road was being renovated… the things you learn when you live near a beach… basically the beach was covered in dogs. Not the best beach experience ever. Other then that we had an awesome time! We only lasted a couple hours before we packed back up and headed home for pizza and the movie God’s Not Dead.

And that was my dad’s birthday.

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